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You will see my current obsession is with Bead Crochet. I love the options of just one simple Rope as shown to the right. Depending on the collar you are wearing, one piece can be worn several ways.

My pieces are one-of-a-kind as my materials vary. I tend to stay with glass beads and embellish with unique finds from other artists, beautiful stones, or even pieces I make. Each Rope or Lariat takes a minimum or 8-10 hours to make.

It also feels good on. Hard to describe, but it rolls in your hand, feels light around your neck but has impact.

I enjoy‚Äč wearing it, and know you will too. I have never failed to get admiring comments on the Ropes or Lariats when I wear them.

You can click the button on any item you like to be directed to a page with more info on the item. At that point you can choose to purchase.

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